No salesperson will tell you this but, there is an unspeakable compute Symbiosis.

The main three components have to work and compliment each other.
The three main components are the CPU(the processor), RAM(Memory) and the Disk.
Take a classic case. You bought a laptop at BestBuy, i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive. On paper, this computer is a great laptop.
In reality, it is not so. If the Disk speed is 5400RPM or 7200RPM, it means that your laptop has the bare minimum.
In today’s reality, even the new SSD has grades.

Eventually, it all comes to how fast can the disk read and write.
For example, a modern 7200RPM reads or writes between 80-160 MB per second.
A good SSD will read or write between 520-560 MB per second, and the performance SSD can read or write between 2800-3400 MB per second.

My point is, your computer or laptop will work between the hardware limitations, so make sure you buy the best grade possible.

In the attached pictures you can see that I’m replacing both the RAM and the SSD. Faster memory and disk will provide better results and better user experience and most likely prolong the computer/laptop’s life.

The best approach is always to consult with an expert.


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